6 Emotions You Had No Clue Actually Had Names

Have you ever had an unusual sensation or feeling that you could not actually explain? Obviously you have. Otherwise “That sensation when …” followed by a very particular set of scenarios would not be a meme your mother shares on Facebook. There are a lots of feelings that many people (or perhaps languages) do not…

23 Incredible Ways Color Is Hacking Your Brain

We’re making memes smarter. Can you. Check out the Photoplasty and Pictofacts Workshop to obtain begun. The human brain is a ridiculously complex maker. It’s continuously getting, and acting upon, a million not-so-subtle and subtle impacts. And it’s in fact relatively incredible what does it cost? it’s affected by color. Do not think it? Attempt…

Facebook is more dangerous than ever. You can make it stop

Cambridge Analytica'' s president Alexander Nix. His company just recently discovered itself in the spotlight for misrepresenting itself and collecting information from countless Facebook users to help the Trump project/ AFP PHOTO/ PATRICIA DE MELO MOREIRA Image: AFP/Getty Images Remember the Marlboro Man? He was a hot vision of the American west, developed by a…

Hollywood Arose From Thomas Edison’s Defeat

Thomas Edison was a jerk. In the early 1900s, he and a group of other early technological leaders of taped movie tried to monopolize the motion picture market, utilizing furious lawsuits and the actual hiring of criminals to damage down any rogue filmmakers unaffiliated with his group. Edison declared that “Jewish profiteers” had actually taken…

Gunman dead, two injured after shooting at Great Mills High School in Maryland

A gunman who opened fire at Great Mills High School in Maryland was killed Tuesday after engaging an armed school resource officer, authorities said. Deputy Blaine Gaskill, the school resource officer, engaged the gunman.  (SMCSO) The shooter, Austin Wyatt Rollins, 17, was the only fatality. Police said Rollins used a handgun to shoot a 16-year-old…

Cambridge Analytica suspends CEO Alexander Nix after undercover recordings air

Nix’s suspension is immediate, “pending a full, independent investigation,” the firm said in a statement. The statement was released moments before Channel 4 News in the UK was due to air another report in a series of exposes about the work of the company. The report on Tuesday featured undercover footage of Nix claiming he…

Man charged after child pornography stash found in remote ‘gingerbread treehouse’

The ‘treehouse’ in Washington state’s Snoqualmie National Forest.  (Q13Fox via FBI) KING COUNTY, Wash. –  A Washington State Department of Natural Resources worker searching for a long-rumored “gingerbread treehouse” in the Snoqualmie National Forest found the house – and inside of it a cache of child pornography that led to a man’s arrest. Daniel M….

Russian diplomats expelled from UK head for Moscow

Around 80 people, including the diplomats’ families, flew out of Stansted Airport near London on Tuesday to the Russian capital. Reuters video showed a small crowd gathered outside the Russian embassy, hugging and waving goodbye to others boarding vehicles with diplomatic plates. They were later filmed boarding a Russian Air Force plane, bid farewell by…

Canada’s Outdoor Rinks Are Melting. So Is a Way of Life.

Some parents, too, are anticipating a future without their backyard hobby. Marcin Parobek lives down the street from Mr. Williams in Waterloo. As he and his wife, Anna, talked about the joys and frustrations of the rink maintenance they do together, their two boys, Stanley and Lucas, looked out at the watery mess as the…

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